What are the different types of Account Verification?
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What are the different types of Account Verification?

Upgrading your SolidTrust Pay account to Card Verified, Standard Verified, or Bank Verified has many benefits.

With the exception of card verification, all of SolidTrust Pay's verification procedures require members to confirm their information by submitting appropriate identification documents.  This information is requested in accordance with Canadian and international regulations governing Money Services Businesses (MSB); for more information, please see this article
Card verification refers specifically to the process of verifying a credit or debit card in order to make deposits to your SolidTrust Pay account.  Members with a verified VISA credit card may also withdraw funds from SolidTrust Pay to their card.
Standard verification is required for transactions of any type that exceed $1000, and is therefore recommended for all users who wish to send or receive larger amounts.  To obtain standard verified status, you must confirm your identity and residential address.  For more information on the documents required for standard verification, please see this article.
Bank verification is required in order to request withdrawals from your SolidTrust Pay account to a personal bank account.  All bank verified accounts must also be standard verified.  Since different types of direct bank transfers are available in different regions, the information that is required differs from country to country.  Please see our respective articles on international, Canadian, and United States bank verification for details.

SolidTrust Pay reserves the right to request notarized documents when deemed appropriate by our verifications department.