How to become a SolidTrust Pay merchant
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How to become a SolidTrust Pay merchant

To get started, you will first need to create a business account. You may create your business account here:

If you already have a personal account you would like to use for your business, you may go to:
My Account--> Upgrade Account---> Business Account Upgrade and complete the short application form! 

As a business account holder, you must be a minimum of Standard Verified. To begin the verification process, please go to:

My Account—>Verify Account—>Standard Verification

Once you are a Standard Verified account holder, you may apply for our various payment options:

Please note that depending on your business model, you may also be contacted by our merchant support department requesting the following information:

Your business model: an overall explanation of the business you have.
Website URL: the address of your business website.  NOTE:  We do not allow merchants to operate through social networking sites, instant messaging applications, or forums, or other media.
Company documentation: any corporate papers (for example, certificate of incorporation or other business registration documents), business registration number, or EIN (employer identification number).
The name of your company

Please be prepared to submit the above information as required.